Legacy Donors

In 2018, we set a big goal. In celebration of IWF NorCal's upcoming 40th anniversary in 2019, we would strive to raise $40,000 for the IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation. Because of the belief and support of our generous donors, we not only reached but surpassed our goal, raising $43,725! 

IWF NorCal members are the heart of the Legacy community. Below is a complete list of all donors who have made financial and in-kind gifts, and pledges in 2018. 

2018 Donors and Sponsors

Linda Abraham
Barbara Adachi
Denise Allen
Jeanne Allen
Kathy Anderson
Eva Auchincloss
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock
Eunice Azzani
Michelle Banks
Sheryl Barden
Rebecca Barfknecht
Aparna Bawa
Lydia Beebe
Wendy Beecham
Kathryn Beiser
Mary Bersot
Book Passage
Marianne Briscoe
Denise Brosseau
Aimee Brown
Karen Brown
Kathleen Burke
David Burkhardt
Colleen Cervantes
Beverly Chadwick
Eleanor Chang
Linda Hawes Clever M.D.
Valerie Corradini
Barbara Creed
Mary Kay Higgins Crockett
Meg Crofton
Linda Cyrog
Belva Davis
Darolyn Davis
Laureen DeBuono
Karen Derr Gilbert
Sarah Devany
Beth Devin
Loretta Doon
Moira Dowell
Denise Raquel Dunning
Candice Eggerss
Cynthia Ann Eisenberg

Jenny Erwin
Darla Flanagan
Sarah Flanagan
Carol Fleming
Sandra O. Floyd
Kerry Francis
Mary Francis
Paola Gianturco
Nancy Glaser
Valentina Glaviano
Linda Graebner
Mary Gray-Reeves
Nannette Griswold
Dawn Gross
Christi Haley-Stover
Donna Hall
Linda Havard
Adele Hayutin
Elizabeth L. Hillman
Susan Cook Hoganson
Yvette Hollingsworth Clark
Sara Holtz
Bobbie Sue Hood
Joanne Howard
Glenda Humiston
Rebecca Jacoby
Cheryl Jennings
Judith Johnson
Kathryn Johnson
Joan Kahr
Hannah Kain
Barbara Kamm
Barbara Karlin
Cynthia Kasabian
Rene Kim
Dana Kleinhesselink
Ellen Lapham
Marcia Linn
Karen May
Amy McCombs
Carol McLaughlin
Nanette Lee Miller
Nancy Milliken, M.D.
Constance Moore
Linda Moriarty

Jodi Morris
Suzie Woodward Morris
Barbara Morrison
Rachel Mueller
Charlan Jeanne Nemeth
Orrick, Herrington & 
   Sutcliffe LLP
Maxine Papadakis
Heather Paquette
Dianne Patterson
Heather Pelant
Marion Peters
Elaine Petrocelli
Ana Pinczuk
Debra Plousha-Moore
Lynn Poole
Mary Jo Potter
Valerie Red-Horse Mohl
Toni Rembe
Kate Renwick-Espinosa
Patricia Salber
Carol Sands Langensand
Amy Schioldager
Terry Schwakopf
Cailean Sherman
Chris Shipley
Dianne Snedaker
Kristen F. Soares
Susan V. Sprunk
Fran Streets
Stefani Tadesse
Marsha Takagi
Leah Toeniskoetter
Van Ton-Quinlivan
Marsha Vande Berg
Carolyn Vavrek
Julie Wainwright
Nicole Ward-Parr
Diane Winokur
World Affairs Council of
   Northern California
Jan Yanehiro
Sheryl Young
Karen Zehring
Catherine Zinn

Thank you for your support of the
IWF NorCal Legacy Foundation—through Legacy, 
you are making a difference in our community and to our future women leaders!

Contact us at iwfnorcal@gmail.com                     1040 El Camino Real #205, Burlingame, CA 94010                                 415-227-9987