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2018 Fundraising Campaign: Sharing Stories of "Why I Give"

Our Celebration Event—The Future is Ours on October 19, 2018 kicked off our annual fundraising for the IWF NorCal Legacy Foundation. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous donations of time, talent and treasure. As we announced earlier this year, our goal is to raise $40,000 in honor of IWF NorCal’s upcoming 40th anniversary—and through the end of October, we have already raised over $13,400 in 2018!

The act of giving is very personal as we want to donate to organizations where we are passionate about their mission and purpose. For the Legacy Foundation, we have been fortunate to have so many IWF members who have generously donated through the years. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing the stories of seven of our fellow IWF NorCal donors, who were also featured in our 2017 Annual Report. We hope you will enjoy reading their personal stories of “Why I Give." 

"There are so many organizations you can get involved with, but IWF is special."
 — Beth Devin

Beth’s experience as an IWF Fellow created the foundation of her passion for IWF and the Legacy Foundation. Today, she remains connected with her Fellows classmates, keeping in touch regularly and meeting annually. Beth says, “There are many organizations you can get involved with, but IWF is special. Among my Fellows group, there are amazing women. There is so much diversity—across cultures and careers which range from entrepreneurs to family businesses. Through the years, we have shared life’s journey, not just our careers.” As a result, the Legacy Foundation has a special place in Beth’s heart. “We want to open up the Legacy experience to everyone—we must always be willing to give a hand, hold it out and help others.”

"Legacy is something we can be proud of."
— Rebecca Barfknecht

Rebecca has been an active and visible IWF NorCal leader and currently serves on the IWF Global Board. Her first IWF experience began as an IWF Fellow. At the time, with a successful career in IT, Rebecca was comfortable working in male-dominated organizations and was not looking to join a women’s organization. As a Fellow, Rebecca realized what was missing in her life: having female professional colleagues who ultimately became “my friends, for life.” Rebecca believes this is what makes IWF so special and now has the opportunity to give back, through Legacy. In her words, “Legacy is something we can be proud of” and sees the future of Legacy as “even better.”

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