Global Demographics Behind the Headlines

  • 02/07/2023
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Via Webinar


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Global Demographics Behind the Headlines

With IWF NorCal member Adele Hayutin

Tuesday, February 7
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Pacific)

Join us as IWF NorCal member Adele Hayutin takes us on a world tour of population change and its dramatic consequences. She will examine past global population dynamics and illuminate how these forces will combine over the next few decades in ways that threaten economic security and political stability. 

Her recently released book, New Landscapes of Population Change: A Demographic World Tour, illuminates the divergent changes ahead for the world, subregions, and individual countries, and demonstrates the urgent need for strategies that address these momentous shifts. The book is full of surprises and insights—like China’s dramatic demographic plunge by midcentury and Africa’s population explosion, how immigration is key to ensuring the continued economic growth and prosperity of the US, and how increasing women’s participation in the workforce will be critical globally, not just for developing countries. 

As we consider our national priorities—and those of our allies and adversaries—we must pay attention to population dynamics: Where will declining birth rates lead to shrinking workforces? Where will aging populations strain economies? How will demographic stresses affect migration? Gender equity? Technology? Global security? Adele will address these questions and raise many others as she peers through a demographic lens to examine tomorrow’s critical challenges. Her presentation will help you better understand news about global events and show you how to use demographics as a window on the future. 

Nancy Murphy, Founding Director of Worldview Studio and fellow IWF NorCal member, will moderate the program.

Date: Tuesday, February 7

Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Pacific)

Location: Webinar via Zoom

Cost: Free, but registration is required to participate (webinar link and details will be included in the registration confirmation e-mail.)

Speaker Bio:

Adele Hayutin, an Annenberg Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, is a business economist specializing in comparative international demographics. Building on her experience in business and academia, Adele has developed an innovative comparative international perspective that highlights surprising demographic differences across countries and illustrates the unprecedented speed and impacts of critical changes. She is skilled at developing compelling visual displays and presenting complex information to policy makers and business executives. As chief economist at the Fremont Group in San Francisco and senior real estate analyst at Salomon Brothers in New York, she focused on issues and trends affecting business investment strategy. More recently, Adele was director of demographic analysis at the Stanford Center on Longevity, where she focused on the challenges of global and regional population aging. Adele received a BA from Wellesley College and holds an MPP and a PhD in economics from the University of California–Berkeley.

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