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2017 Legacy Partnership Candidates

The Legacy Foundation Partnership program is designed to directly benefit women in the greater Bay Area through partnerships with established non-profit organizations.  Our Mission is to partner with a non-profit that benefits women or girls in the Bay Area each year that we can help financially with a one-time grant and also leverage our members' talents and skills.  Candidate organizations submit a detailed questionnaire including financials and information on how IWF Northern California can help them fulfill their mission.   Members of the Legacy Foundation Board select three finalists for consideration.  All IWF members who have made a donation will vote on the finalist candidates. The selected organization is announced at the annual meeting. 

Congratulations to the 2017 Legacy Partner: The Girls Scouts of Northern California!

Girl Scouts of Northern California

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To Participate by donating your time and expertise, please send an Email to Sue Sprunk or Barbara Adachi.

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