Legacy Foundation President's Message

Make a Difference for Girls and Local Heroes with Cookies!

February 12, 2021

Key tenets of IWF NorCal and the Legacy Foundation are Community and Impact. We are excited to kick-off an initiative to help girls increase access to Girl Scout experiences and address racial and economic equity by creating opportunities for girls living in low-income communities to build competence in STEM, the outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship and to develop the leadership outcomes available through Girl Scout programs. We are supporting this initiative by buying Girl Scout cookies! Because of COVID, the Girl Scout cookie program is all digital. For those who don't eat cookies, there is an option to purchase cookies to be donated to local heroes (health care workers, first responders, and food banks).

Girls in the Girl Scout Community-Based Programs have set up e-commerce pages to sell cookies. The Community Based signature programs include Got Choices, Girl Scouts Discover Together and Daughters of Farm Workers. Girl Scouts is one of our Legacy Foundation partner organizations and we have supported the Got Choices for middle and hight school girls in the past.

Community-Based Programs: This page allows you to locate and buy cookies from a girl in your community. Kathy is buying cookies from Olivia!

Girl Scouts Got Choices: leadership, civic engagement and life skills program for girls in middle and high school. Supper the Girl Scouts at these high schools.

Girl Scouts Discover Together: award winning STEM and environmental science after school enrichment series for girls in elementary and middle school.

    • East Bay (Mix of Discover Together girls)

These girls are tomorrow's leaders. In the current U.S. Congress, 17 out of 23 Senators are Girl Scout Alums (74%), and 63 out of 119 women in the House of Representatives (53%) are Girl Scout alums. Let's support the girls, our local heroes and enjoy cookies!

Thank you,

Barbara Adachi, President, IWF Northern California and Kathy Anderson, President, IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

Your Belief in Legacy

January 14, 2021

I know you are feeling what I'm feeling right now. 

I hope you are finding ways to stay grounded and positive. I'm personally trying to keep up outdoor physical activity, stay focused on the long game, and spend time each day on things that inspire me.

Today, that was thinking about Legacy and our successes. When I think about our IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation—how we collectively further the leadership of women in our community, and how proud I am of what Legacy has accomplished over 25 years—I think of all of you.

That's why I'm excited to share some good news with you: With your belief and support of the Legacy Foundation, we raised nearly $48,000 last year. 

To all of our donors and partners—we cannot say thank you enough. 

In 2020, we proudly granted over $20,000 to our Legacy Partners at a time they and their communities needed it most. We engaged with our Partners via virtual events. And in October, we celebrated the many contributions IWF NorCal members have made to Legacy at our 25th Anniversary Legacy Celebration. I'll forever remember the stories from that day.

While it's hard to encapsulate what Legacy has done and what it means to each of you, our latest Legacy Annual Report seeks to do so. Please read and enjoy.

IWF NorCal members are the heart of Legacy. Here is a complete list of all donors who made financial and in-kind gifts and pledges to Legacy during 2020.

With deepest gratitude,

Jodi Morris
IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

Legacy: IWF NorCal Making Its Mark

October 28, 2020

In a month where the news stream is focused on U.S. political elections, one thing is clear. 

This is a pivotal time for female leadership.

We kicked off October with an extra-special annual Legacy Celebration, celebrating 25 years of leadership and impact as a vibrant Legacy community

In the preparing for the event, hearing from earlier leaders about key Legacy initiatives—IWF Fellows sponsorship, Oral Histories, and Legacy Partners—made me even more proud of our IWF NorCal forum. We uncovered creative stories of members who've volunteered their time and talent to Legacy. Finally, the leaders we support via our Legacy Partners are nothing short of incredible. If you missed hearing from Rise Up leader April Grayson, whose life work is giving incarcerated women a voice, it's a must view (video). I'm proud that Legacy has already granted over $20,000 to Bay Area-based non-profit partners in 2020.

As we kick-off Legacy's annual fundraising season, I wish to share this inspiration with you. Over the upcoming weeks you'll hear stories of leaders—IWF NorCal members and local California leaders supported by your past Legacy gifts. I hope it inspires you to give to Legacy in this very important year.

In a world that feels uncertain, here's one thing that is—Legacy will continue investing in the next generation of female leaders. We will:

  • Reflect the commitments of IWF NorCal members passionate about actively advancing women's leadership
  • Maximize our impact through the collective giving, wisdom, and influence of IWF
  • Remain relevant, responding to the ever-changing issues impacting the lives and leadership of women and girls in California
  • Seek to grow, deepen & engage with our Legacy Partners and community—learning from them, as well as sharing our gifts

We've set a bold 2020 Legacy fundraising goal of $50,000Through the incredible generosity of our donors, I'm proud to share that we're currently at 60% of goal. Thank you for your commitment to Legacy and our mission.

If you have yet to donate to Legacy in 2020, we hope you will join us. Want to make your Legacy gift extra special? Make it in honor of an IWF friend who inspires you.

If you are new to Legacy, we invite you to learn more. If you missed our 25th anniversary Legacy Celebration, we encourage you to view the video or slides. Finally, we hope you join IWF colleagues at our Legacy Partners' year-end inspirational events.

There are so many important things we need to invest in right now. But in this pivotal time for women’s leadership, I'm proud to be part of an IWF and Legacy community that keeps making its mark. 


Jodi Morris
IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

Legacy Thank You

October 2, 2020

At last night's Legacy Celebration, we celebrated 25 years of leadership and impact as a vibrant Legacy community.

As our first Legacy President Diane Winokur reminded us, IWF NorCal members wanted to put down their mark in actively advancing women's leadership. They named it Legacy because they wanted to further future generations of female leaders.

As 2020 reminds us, our work is not done. As women leaders, we need to keep making our mark, responding to the ever-changing issues impacting the lives and leadership of women and girls in California. 

Last night, we proudly announced $10,000 in additional grants across our Legacy Partner Communityrecognizing the pivots these non-profits were required to make to continue serving their communities. We learned fromand formally recognizedan amazing local leader, April Grayson, whose life work is giving incarcerated women a voice. We gleaned insights from past Legacy leaders and initiatives, while we briefly shared our wants for Legacy's future. Finally, we had a little competitive fun as we announced the winners of our Legacy Auction.

During this pivotal time for women’s leadership, we were each challenged to invest in the next 25 years of Legacy by making a 2020 Legacy Gift.

To those who attended, engaged, donated, or bid on auction items, THANK YOU! It was an incredible evening that moved us closer to Legacy’s 2020 fundraising goal of $50,000.

If you were unable to join, watch the event recording, and if you wish to donate, we can make that easy for you.

Legacy’s mission is to improve the status of women and foster the development of future women leaders through the collective giving, wisdom, and influence of IWF NorCal. Your contribution furthers our mission and allows us to support our Legacy Partners and broader community facing ever-changing needs.

Thank you for the ways you contribute your time, talent and treasure to Legacy. I'm proud to be part of a community that keeps making its mark. 


Jodi Morris
IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

Celebrating 25 Years of Legacy

August 6, 2020

Right now, I’m feeling the need to celebrate something. I hope you’ll join me!

This year, we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation. I reflect on the words of Diane Winokur, Legacy’s first President:

We proudly named it Legacy because IWF Northern California needed—and wanted—to do something that carried over to the generations which come after us. We wanted to put down our mark.”

In reaching 25 years, Legacy has carried over to the next generation. As I learn more about Legacy’s history, it’s clear that IWF NorCal members have definitely put down their mark in improving the status of women and fostering the development of future women leaders.

When IWF Global launched the Fellows Program in 1994, Legacy was a founding partner. IWF Fellows are mid-career women identified as the next generation of leaders. Legacy sponsored 12 women in the Program’s first 10 years, funding those hailing from the public and non-profit sectors. Remarkably, 41 women from the San Francisco Bay Area have advanced their leadership by participating in the Fellows program across 25 classes—16 of whom are now members of IWF NorCal.

In 2005, Legacy shared the Oral Histories of five “Women Who Have Made a Difference"—Mary Lanigar, Bernice Hemphill, Marian Cleeves Diamond, Sandra Day O'Connor and Belva Davis. With the objective of helping younger women leaders learn from earlier pioneers, nearly 100 complete sets of Oral Histories were shared with high schools, colleges and universities with programs emphasizing women’s history.

More recently, the Legacy Partnership Project was established in 2015 to directly benefit women in the greater Bay Area through partnerships with established non-profit organizations aligned with Legacy’s. Since then, Legacy has granted $70,000 to six organizations and grown a Community of Legacy Partners, with whom many of our members engage and additionally donate their time, talent and skills. 

On a personal level, Legacy has played a role in advancing my own personal philanthropic journey. And I feel proud knowing I’ve in some way done the same for my IWF NorCal colleagues.

So yes, let’s celebrate Legacy’s many contributions! 

Please join us on Thursday, October 1, 2020 for our fourth annual Legacy Celebration—Celebrating 25 Years

While this year's event will be virtual, it will bring the fun and intimacy of our in-person celebrations. We will reconnect as women leaders, celebrate Legacy's 25-year history and founding members, and learn from an amazing local leader April Grayson, who dedicates her life to giving incarcerated women a voice and whose work is supported by Legacy Partner, Rise Up

Please RSVP today for this extra special event.

As 2020 reminds us, we need to keep making our mark, doing the work that carries over to the next generation of female leaders.

Warm regards,

Jodi Morris


IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

GivingTuesdayNow Invitation

May 5, 2020

IWF NorCal and our IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation share two key tenets — Leadership and Community. While the diverse leadership of our members is continually on display, these past few weeks offer a touching reminder that we are indeed one supportive, connected community.

Today, we celebrate #GivingTuesdayNow—a new global day of giving in response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. 

On behalf of the Legacy Foundation, I invite you to bring your leadership to our community of Bay Area non-profits aligned with Legacy’s mission of improving the status of women and fostering their leadership. Our Legacy Partner Community includes five organizations who’ve received one or more grants from Legacy over the prior five years

Last month, Legacy proudly awarded two immediate grants of $5,000 to partners Girl Ventures and Year Up Bay Area to meet specific pandemic-related needs. Beyond financial, Legacy also seeks to bring the deep expertise of IWF NorCal members to our partners.

This is where you come in. 

Here are three ways you can celebrate #GivingTuesdayNow with the IWF NorCal and Legacy community:


Join the IWF Legacy Team for the Get Active for Girls Campaign to support Girl Ventures. We applaud Girl Ventures' creativity in taking leadership through outdoor adventure to the virtual space. Long-time Girl Ventures advocate and Legacy Board member Kathy Anderson is leading our IWF Legacy Team. 

Join the fun! Learn more on our IWF Legacy Team page (team donations received through May 16 will be matched).


Girl Scouts is where many girls begin their leadership journey. You are invited to join a conversation with Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts USA on Monday, May 11, 2020 at 1:00pm (PST) by dialing (631) 992-3221, attendee code: 268 583 406. 

Read more about how Girl Scouts is serving girls during COVID-19 (it involves cookies!)


Year Up Bay Area helps low-income young adults go from poverty to professional careers by connecting them with Bay Area companies needing their talent. They have two immediate needs in the sweet spot of IWF NorCal members:

  • With many corporate partners impacted by the economic slowdown, Year Up is actively seeking advice and introductions to Bay Area companies or industry segments for student internship opportunities. 
  • Year Up is seeking specific professional expertise. Since student training has gone 100% virtual, they seek instructors (via Zoom, 50 minute sessions) on interviewing, presentation skills and public speaking. Scheduling is flexible around instructor availability.

If you are able to assist in either of these needs, please contact the IWF NorCal office.

Though Legacy, we proudly pool our time, talent and treasure in support of non-profits serving women and girls locally. Thank you for your excitement and engagement in our partners' efforts.   

It's further evidence of the strength and generosity of the IWF NorCal community.

Warm regards,

Jodi Morris
IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

Legacy Announces Grants to our Partner Community

April 1, 2020

I hope this finds each of you safe and well--physically and mentally. In a challenging time, IWF NorCal exhibits the power that comes through community. 

The Legacy Foundation extends that community to San Francisco Bay Area non-profits aligned with Legacy's mission of furthering the status of women and the development of women leaders. Our Legacy Community includes vetted non-profits--former Legacy Partners and finalists to whom Legacy has made previous grants. 

At this critical time, they are in dire need of our support.

The Legacy Board is proud to announce our decision to grant $10,000 to be shared by Girl Ventures and Year Up Bay Area to support the economically vulnerable in their communities in the time of COVID-19.

Both organizations are grateful for Legacy's committed financial support. In addition, they seek IWF involvement and support. Included below are the specific needs of each organization:

GirlVentures' mission is to inspire girls to lead through outdoor adventure, inner discovery, and collective action. GirlVentures combines outdoor adventure with social emotional learning for adolescent girls at a critical time in their lives. The Spring programs that nurture girls' self esteem, resilience and leadership have been postponed, and they lost a major sponsor for the programs. The $5,000 Legacy grant will support continuing these programs in the Fall.

YOU ARE INVITED to join Girl Ventures staff and the girls for a "Virtual Hike for Girls" on May 16, 2020. The online challenge encourages families, individuals and professional networks to sign up as part of a team to either hike outside (keeping six feet away) or doing at home fitness to raise money for GirlVentures' participants. More details to come over the upcoming weeks.

REQUESTED IWF EXPERTISE Girl Ventures' Executive Director, Emily Teitsworth, is seeking pro-bono consulting to aid her in accessing non-profit support at local, state & national levels, as well as navigating her organization's HR and operational challenges.

Year Up Bay Area empowers low-income young adults to go from poverty to professional careers by connecting them with Bay Area companies who need their talent. The $5,000 Legacy grant will support their Student Support Program and a special COVID-19 Fund to fill students' near-term gaps in purchasing food, finding a secure work-from-home environment and accessing tools such as a laptop or Wi-Fi. Many student families have lost jobs, making Year Up their only option during a critical time.

YOU ARE INVITED to help Year Up identify new potential Corporate Partners. With many current partners impacted by the economic slowdown, Year Up is actively seeking advice and introductions to Bay Area companies or industry segments for student internship opportunities.

REQUESTED IWF EXPERTISE Year Up’s training has gone 100% virtual and is now provided online. They are seeking instructors (via Zoom, 50 minutes in length--30 minutes of instruction, plus Q&A) on interviewing, presentation skills and public speaking. Scheduling is flexible around instructor availability.

Given the rich expertise of IWF NorCal members (and your extended communities), I am confident we can help. If you are able to offer your time, talent or introductions in support of these organizations, please contact the IWF NorCal office or Legacy Board member Diane Knoll.

Thank you for your generous financial support of Legacy in 2019 that allows us to make these timely grants in support of young women in the Bay Area. It's further evidence of the strength and generosity of the IWF NorCal community.

Warm regards,

Jodi Morris
IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

Paying it Forward with the Legacy Foundation

February 12, 2020

When I asked IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation board members what Legacy means to them, these were the words they used.

We are one of the few local IWF forums with a standalone foundation that works to improve the status of women and foster the development of future women leaders. As a Legacy Board, we are proud to be conveners and connectors of a community bridging IWF NorCal members and dynamic San Francisco Bay Area leaders.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Legacy Foundation. To celebrate, we will seek to highlight the many ways in which Legacy has furthered its mission--whether through sponsoring IWF Fellows, supporting selected Legacy Partners, or advancing each others' journeys to "pay it forward."

Today, I share a tool that I've found useful in my own "pay it forward" journey.

IWF NorCal’s Kim LaughtonCarrie Schwab-Pomerantz and I are among those participating in the new Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) "Giving With Impact" podcast series. In particular, I encourage you to listen to Carrie's podcast Unleashing Charitable Impact By and For Women in which she gets personal about her own charitable giving journey.

Through collective giving, we can achieve greater impact in building the next generation of female leaders. If you have interest in learning more about Legacy and how you can be involved, please reach out to me, Marsha Takagi, or a member of the Legacy Board.

Warm regards,

Jodi Morris
IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

Giving with Impact

December 13, 2019

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our “How I Give” profiles and hearing the unique ways IWF NorCal members support the Legacy Foundation, giving their time, talent and treasure to the next generation of women leaders. Each story exemplifies the overlapping key tenets of IWF NorCal and Legacy.

Legacy’s tenets--leadership, impact, and community--were in full force this week as 20 IWF NorCal members showed up on a rainy morning to support 2019 Legacy Partner, Rise Up at its annual breakfast. IWF NorCal member and Rise Up founderDenise Dunning was host, Jan Yanahiro served as emcee, and Legacy board member Kathleen Burke hosted speaker April Grayson. April was among the leaders in Rise Up’s inaugural California Gender Equity Initiative (GEI) which Legacy supports. I sought to capture the feeling from the breakfast through this video

This extraordinary show of IWF NorCal support caps a banner year of Legacy engagement. In 2019, 36 of you shared your expertise, passion, and capital in engagement activities with Rise Up leaders and staff, while 58 of you joined our 2019 Legacy Celebration which featured Rise Up GEI leader, Sarah Johnston.

Legacy brings IWF member time, talent and treasure to our community of non-profit partners, supporting our mission to improve the status of women and foster the development of women leaders. When we meet the leaders driving change, we see Legacy's impact. Rise Up leaders April and Sarah work on challenging issues--April improving futures for incarcerated women, Sarah on eliminating human trafficking. With the support and funding they receive through Rise Up's programs, they feel invested in. Each of us knows how important that is to success.

Your donations to Legacy support organizations like Rise Up and women like April and Sarah succeed. Your personal investment in Legacy drives our collective impact.

We invite you to make a difference in the next generation of women with a donation to Legacy. We are well on our way to meeting our goal of raising $50,000, which we will use to deepen our partner investments, explore funding IWF Fellows, and expand our educational engagement for members in 2020. But we need you to help get us over the top!

Thank you again for making a difference in our community and to our future women leaders through the Legacy Foundation.

“Giving is not just about making a donation; it’s about making a difference.”

Warmest regards,

Jodi Morris

IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

Girls to Women: How We Give

October 24, 2019

On October 11th, we celebrated the International Day of the Girl.

The United Nations first declared this celebratory day in 2011. The mission? To galvanize worldwide enthusiasm to better girls' lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential. Whether you celebrated with the IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation at our annual Legacy Celebration or elsewhere, it's an important day. Every girl should be encouraged to grow into her full leadership potential.

The Legacy Foundation's mission is to improve the status of women and foster the development of future women leaders. It's no coincidence we chose the International Day of the Girl as the official start of our fundraising season. Being a girl is how each of us got our start.

I wish to thank all of you for your generous support of the Legacy Foundation. We see 50% of our IWF NorCal membership contributing their time, talent and treasure to Legacy - whether it's engaging with 2019 Legacy Partner Rise Up, attending a Legacy educational roundtable, or making a financial commitment to Legacy. New members have cited Legacy as one of the reasons they chose to join IWF NorCal, and are a growing part of our donor base.

The reasons why and how members give are deeply personal. It has been a joy for the Legacy Board to learn our donors' stories. Listening to them, we found that Legacy's three tenets - LeadershipImpact and Community - really resonate. It inspired us to set a bold 2019 Legacy fundraising goal of $50,000, which will directly support three main initiatives in 2020:

  • Re-investments in our existing Legacy Partners
  • Exploration of the future sponsorship of a local IWF Fellow
  • Educational programs that benefit our growing Legacy and IWF NorCal community

Through the incredible generosity of Legacy donors - the 100% financial commitment of the Legacy Board, IWF NorCal members who contributed at the Legacy Celebration and throughout the year, and our members who donated and purchased items at the Legacy Auction - I am proud to share that we are currently at 79% of our 2019 fundraising goal as we go into our annual year-end fund drive. On behalf of the Legacy Board, thank you for your commitment to Legacy and our stated mission.

If you have yet to donate to Legacy in 2019, we hope you will join us in meeting and exceeding our goal. While we strive for a financial goal, we are equally focused on participation. Ultimately, we wish to see 100% of IWF NorCal members contributing to Legacy. 

We invite you learn more about Legacy through the latest Legacy Annual Report. We invite you to engage with current Legacy Partner Rise Up at the 2019 Rise Up Annual Breakfast on December 11th. Finally, we invite you to be inspired by your fellow IWF NorCal members. Over the next several weeks, you'll receive inspirational stories of How We Give to Legacy. This email series follows the Why We Give stories highlighted last year.

I hope you find these stories as inspirational as I do. It's what I find most gratifying about being a part of IWF. Because, while no longer a girl, we can be furthered by each other in our ongoing development as women leaders.


Jodi Morris
IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

How We Give is Inspiring

July 16, 2019

The mid-year Fourth of July holiday always makes me pause to think about where we've been, and where we are going. 

For the IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation, we entered 2019 focused on our three key strategic tenets--LeadershipImpact and Community. I'm continually inspired watching IWF NorCal members bring these tenets to life in the most creative ways. I'm excited to share some of those stories with you today.

We each have personal reasons Why We Give. In 2019, we'll expand the inspiration-sharing with stories of How We Give. Expect to hear creative examples throughout the year. But with the 40th birthday of IWF NorCal top of mind, it's only fitting that my first example has to do with birthdays.

In 2019, a group of IWF friends individually chose to donate to Legacy in honor of a fellow member's birthday. The idea inspired further honorary giving. Marsha Vande Berg made a donation in honor of Legacy's first president Diane Winokur's birthday; Sheri Barden made one in honor of Jane Bowyer's birthday. I find it to be such a thoughtful way to celebrate friendship, and I hope it similarly inspires you. I think most of us will agree with Sheri, who said, "This is a wonderful way to recognize special events, as none of us need more stuff." 

We are proud to update you on our partnership with 2019 Legacy Partner, Rise Up. With Legacy’s grant support—meaning your donor dollars—Rise Up has launched its first-ever Gender Equity Initiative to accelerate the work of those fighting to improve the status of women in California. 

In April, twenty hand-selected leaders from Oakland, Alameda, and the Central Valley—leading change in everything from human trafficking to LGBTQ rights to incarceration and gender-based violence—participated in a week-long Rise Up Accelerator. Individual participants strengthened their individual advocacy skills and leadership while also connecting their efforts. Your investment in Legacy helped make this possible.

Along with several IWF NorCal members, I joined the Accelerator for a half-day, learning about issues in my own backyard that frankly I knew little about. These young women are doing inspiring work as leaders and change agents. I encourage you to take advantage of future opportunities to meet Rise Up leaders, including the October 10, 2019 Annual Legacy Celebration (save the date!)

Through Legacy, IWF NorCal members connect as a community in support of other women. In March, when member Charlan Nemeth attended the kick-off event with 2019 Legacy Partner Rise Up, she was inspired to act. Charlan wanted to support Rise Up's work in California beyond this year's Legacy grant, so proposed a "Matching Gift Challenge" to propel other members to join her. Upon hearing the idea, several members even joined Charlan in the match. 

Inspired by Charlan's invitation, one of our newest members, Rosana Han, not only made a personal donation, but put forth a pledge from First Republic Bank's community reinvestment program, dedicating it to Rise Up initiatives benefitting low income women and girls and their communities in California.

I am so inspired by the creative ways that IWF NorCal members give. When talking about why Legacy was created, Legacy's first president Diane Winokur said:

“We proudly named it Legacy because IWF Northern California needed – and wanted – to do something that carried over to the generations which come after us. We wanted to put down our mark."

To my fellow IWF NorCal members, thank you for putting down your mark. As the year continues, may we continue to honor our friends, feel inspired to act, and creatively find new ways to give. 


Jodi Morris
IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

An International Women's Day Wish from the Legacy Foundation

March 8, 2019

Happy International Women's Day 2019!

As the IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation Board was reflecting on Legacy's key tenets of LeadershipImpact and Community, we realized the important role we play as conveners and connectors.

Legacy convenes and connects people and organizations who work to advance the status, rights and leadership of women and girls in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide financial support, mentorship, and friendship. It all starts with knowing women's stories, and sharing them.

So on International Women's Day, I wish to share two beautiful stories from women from our Legacy partner community.

Hibaq Suleiman is an alum of Year Up, and currently a reporting analyst at LinkedIn. You may recall her incredible story as a refugee speaking at our 2018 New Connections Luncheon. Today, she shares thoughtful advice for all of us in her article Are You Filtering Out Talented Young Adults Like Me?

IWF NorCal's Claire Carlevaro with Year Up alum Hibaq Suleiman at the 2018 New Connections Luncheon

Denise Dunning, Founder and Executive Director of 2019 Legacy Partner Rise Up, shares her reflections following a decade of making a global impact. The title says it all: Ten Years In, It's All About the People.

IWF NorCal member Paola Gianturco with Denise Dunning, founder of 2019 Legacy Partner Rise Up, at the 2019 Legacy Foundation International Women's Day Celebration

On behalf of the Legacy Foundation Board, thank you for your continued support of Legacy and our partners. Together, we are building a community of women leaders and a stronger foundation for our future.


Jodi Morris
IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation

Contact us at iwfnorcal@gmail.com           1040 El Camino Real #205, Burlingame, CA 94010            415-227-9987