Our Programs: Exclusive Access, Shared Experiences, by Members, for Members

All Forum Programs are ingrained with the unique insights, access and experience of our members. Our membership represents a diversity of industries, leadership and communities—enabling us to tap into the most exciting happenings, ideas and people of the Bay Area and world. Forum members share an intellectual curiosity, passion about women’s leadership and impacting our community. By leveraging our connections, we create a diverse mix of in-depth programs that educate, inspire, enlighten and entertain. Programs are never used by members or outside speakers to solicit members or their guests. 

The key criteria for any Forum Program is that it must provide exclusivity—a program you can only experience by being a Forum member. 

The breadth of our programs includes experiences such as Women on Board series, UN Women’s Global Voices Film Festival, Behind the Scenes at VSPOne Optical Laboratory, Dine Arounds, Leading Edge Insights in Corporate Innovation, Supper Club events, Book Clubs, Supreme Court Docket Discussion, Utah Shakespeare Festival, Spare the Heir: Survivors Survival Guide Webinar.

Our robust calendar of topical programs is complimented by our Signature events that bring the values of our Forum to life.  Access to conferences, inter-forum exchanges on a national and international basis adds to our unique shared experiences.

Our Signature Programs

Annual Meeting

IWF Northern California annually kicks off the year in January with our Annual Meeting where the President and Officers of the Forum recap the previous year's initiatives, discuss projected year-end financials, meet new IWF NorCal members, share the goals for the coming year, and much more! The Annual Meeting is one of our staple events of the year as it's a time for members to reconnect after the holidays and hear about what the membership can look forward to in the year ahead. 

New Connections Luncheon

This is our mid-year signature event where you can catch up with old friends and meet our new members. 

Holiday Party

A festive evening to ring in the holidays with fellow IWF NorCal friends!

IWF Global Conferences

Cornerstone Conferences are held each year in regions and markets critical to the future which provide access to leaders with insight on topics impacting international progress, business, economics, ecology, enterprise, and the sustainability of human endeavor. Members come together across national and international boundaries to share knowledge and ideas, to enrich each other’s lives, to provide a network of support, and to exert influence.

World Leadership Conferences, conducted annually by the International Women’s Forum, draw women from more than 50 countries who are the world’s leading architects, advocates, catalysts, and pioneers of change—the women who are re-drawing the map for how we’ll live, work, produce, and maintain healthy communities in the coming years. As our global economies restructure and reshape business, politics, environments, access and opportunity, IWF’s cutting–edge conferences harness those must-have conversations in order to educate, inform and inspire our women leaders and our partners to be out ahead of the change that is needed.

Contact us at iwfnorcal@gmail.com           4580 Old Ranch Way, Folsom, CA 95630            415-227-9987