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About the International Women's Forum-
Northern California

Our members are trailblazers, dynamic and diverse thought leaders forging connections, inspiring leadership, helping the next generation of leaders across the Bay Area from Sacramento to Monterey since 1979.   

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IWF-Northern California is an affiliate of the International Women’s Forum (IWF), an invitation-only, member organization comprised of more than 7,000 diverse and accomplished women from 33 nations on six continents.  IWF OVERVIEW VIDEO

The Legacy Foundation

The Legacy Foundation works to improve the status of women and foster the development of future women leaders. Legacy's 2019 partner, Rise Up, created change for more than six million girls, youth, and women in 2018. READ MORE > 

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  Legacy Celebration Event—October 10, 2019
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East Bay Supper Club: Spotlight on 5G and Other Emerging Technology

On June 17, IWF NorCal member Cindy Eisenberg hosted the East Bay Supper Club at her home for a potluck dinner and topical discussion facilitated by IWF NorCal Member Beth Devin on 5G and other emerging technologies. 

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Lara Druyan

Royal Bank of Canada

Managing Director, Head of Innovation, West Coast

Lucile Glessner

Lucile Glessner Design

Principal Interior Designer and Owner

Sheryl Hingorani

Sandia National Laboratories
Senior Manager, Systems Analysis and Engineering

Elisabeth Zornes

Chief Customer Officer

Our Members Tell Our Story

Meet Min Chen, the Co-founder and CEO of Wisy, Inc. Min recently moved to San Francisco to expand her start-up company and has joined our forum as a dual member with IWF Panama. Several IWF NorCal members have reached out to Min to welcome her to and give her insights on the business community in the Bay Area. It was truly heart warming to see IWF NorCal members come together to provide support and encouragement to a new member. Here are Min’s comments on "What IWF NorCal Means to Me:" 

“I became an IWF NorCal member in January 2019. In this short time I have received significant support from many members who have shared their experience regarding specific topics that I need to advance my career. They have gone out of their way to meet with me and to arrange meetings with other IWF NorCal members whom they think can provide support. IWF NorCal is a powerful and supportive community of women who enjoy helping others succeed. I am thankful for being part of IWF and I look forward to contributing to this outstanding forum.”

Legacy Foundation

How We Give is Inspiring!
July 16, 2019 letter from IWF NorCal Legacy Foundation President Jodi Morris: "The mid-year Fourth of July holiday always makes me pause to think about where we've been, and where we are going. 
For the Legacy Foundation, we entered 2019 focused on our three key strategic tenets--LeadershipImpact and Community. I'm continually inspired watching IWF NorCal members bring these tenets to life in the most creative ways. I'm excited to share some of those stories with you today." Read more.

New Connections Luncheon, Happy 40th!

85 members gathered on June 22 at the Olympic Club to welcome new members and celebrate IWF NorCal's 40th anniversary! With a trip down memory lane through member stories and photographs, it was a warm and wonderful event! Read more.

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Mobile Apps "Life Hacks" Webinar
Video from June 28 is available here.

Spare the Heir: Survivor's Survival Guide
Video from July 9 is available here.

Behind the Scenes: Farm+Fish+Flowers Tour
Saturday, July 20 | Half Moon Bay

A Walk at Lafayette Reservoir
Saturday, July 27 | Lafayette

Pop Up! New Member Evening Social
Tuesday, August 6 | San Francisco


Legacy Foundation Celebration
Thursday, October 10 | San Francisco

Holiday Party
Tuesday, December 3 | San Francisco


Visiting IWF Global Members

Are you an IWF member visiting the San Francisco Bay Area? Please contact IWF Northern California's President at President.IWFNorCal@gmail.com to connect with local members while you are in town.

Contact us at iwfnorcal@gmail.com                     1040 El Camino Real #205, Burlingame, CA 94010                                 415-227-9987