IWF–Northern California Spotlight


Webinar: Transitions...As We Mature...I Wish I Had Known... 

May 11, IWF NorCal members Yvette Hollingsworth Clark and Dr. Valencia Ray helped to unpack the aging process and the multiple transitions we as women may experience. This informative conversation helped answer many questions on aging transitions, functional medicine, diet and healthy living. Members may view the recording here

Bi-Coastal Cocktail Cafe

May 6, IWF members from IWF British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Southern California, Northern California and the Caribbean/Bermuda attended our first "Bi-Coastal Cocktail Cafe." With up to 8 IWF members in each of the 22 Cafes, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know some of our IWF sisters in other West Coast and Caribbean/Bermuda forums. 

Spring Dine Arounds

April 28, we held five virtual spring dine arounds for IWF NorCal members, each hosted by a member with fun and creative themes, including the Academy Awards, Mediterranean Delights, New Beginnings, and Derby Day. Thank you to our hosts and all who participated for some "Fun, Friendship and Food!"

IWF West Coast Workshop: Build Your Influence as a Thought Leader
April 27, IWF NorCal member Denise Brosseau, thought leadership consultant and author, led an informative and inspiring workshop for members of the five west coast forums (British Columbia, Northern California, Oregon, Southern California, and Washington). Through workshop participants, we saw and heard how IWF thought leaders are sharing their opinions, amplifying ideas/people/events, convening the community, serving as a spokesperson, sharing the microphone, and codifying lessons learned. Members may view the recording here.

Special New Member Virtual Community Meet Up

April 22, IWF NorCal members gathered for a special edition of our monthly virtual community meet up to welcome five of our 2021 new members: Adriane Armstrong, Valentina Glaviano, Nicole Kelsey, Jill Nash, and Amy Saxton. After hearing from each of the five new members, we held smaller breakout sessions so that each of our new members could meet a few other members.

Webinar: The Future of Work

April 14, IWF NorCal members Marion McGovern, Board Chair of Myers-Briggs, and Van Ton-Quinlivan, CEO of Futuro Health, were joined by special guest Susana Covarrubias, Design Principal from Gensler, Seattle, for a panel discussion on “The Future of Work.” They covered current issues in the workplace, workforce and education, and how the pandemic has impacted all facets of working. Members may view the recording here

IWF NorCal Author's Corner 

Introducing the Author's Corner, celebrating books written by IWF NorCal members. Learn more.

The Rising Tide of Anti-Asian Sentiment

April 12, the Champions of Racial Equality (CoRE) Task Force held a discussion with members on "Dignity of Each Person: The Rising Tide of Anti-Asian Sentiment." We are grateful that IWF provides a safe haven for members to have deep and intimate conversations on important topics around racial equality. Our next session will be held on June 8. Members may view past discussion slides and CoRE resources here.  

The Biden Administration: An Insider's View from Congresswoman Jackie Speier

March 23, IWF NorCal member and award winning broadcast journalist Jan Yanhiro led an intimate conversation with Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who provided an insider's view of the important work she is doing as well as her thoughts on the current administration and pressing issues facing our nation. Joined by members from other IWF forums, we all left inspired and encouraged! Members may view the video and presentation slides here.

Website Refresh

March 19, Need a quick refresh of the IWF NorCal website? Members may view a short (less than 10 minutes) video for an overview of the site and help on where to find information on upcoming programs, conduct searches in the member directory, and other navigation tips. Click here.

Women's History Month Special Toast

March 10, IWF NorCal members came together during Women's History Month for a special toast and honored IWF NorCal early leaders (see below), women who have made a difference in their lives, and each other! Members may view the tributes here.

Racial Equality Discussion: Language and Microaggressions  

March 9, the Champions of Racial Equality (CoRE) Task Force held a discussion with members on "Language and Microaggressions." We are grateful that IWF provides a safe haven for members to have deep and intimate conversations on important topics around racial equality. Our next session will be held on May 4th. Members may view past discussion slides and CoRE resources here.  

Celebrating Women's History Month

For Women's History Month 20201, we are celebrating IWF NorCal's founders and early leaders! Based on interviews conducted by IWF NorCal member Jenny Erwin from 2014 to 2018, we will be highlighting one of our 30 early leaders each day! Members may also access the individual interview write ups here.  

Judith Johnson, member since 1978

March 31, Judith Johnson was an officer of an international oil and gas exploration and contract drilling company in the 1970s, an industry dominated by men. She was the first Western business woman that men in the United Arab Emirates had ever encountered in a professional setting. Judy made it a personal goal to recruit new talent, groom young stars and provide leadership opportunities for women in her field. Judy served as IWF NorCal president in 1980.

Dianne Snedaker, member since 1989

March 30, Dianne Snedaker enjoyed a successful career in marketing and advertising, working on prominent campaigns described as breakthrough and memorable. She was President of Ketchum Advertising, and EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at First Republic Bank. Dianne takes real pride in the colleagues she has inspired and helped develop over the years, always reveling in the success of teammates. Dianne believes that focusing on loving what you do is the magical path to achievement.

Michele Hughes, member since 1978

March 29, 
Michele Hughes was the first and youngest female Partner and Director at Ward Howell International, an executive search firm, where she worked to bring more women into leadership positions at firms like Levi Strauss. Michele is an entrepreneur who has had success in several careers and has been a pioneer in fields with few women. She was a catalyst in forming IWF NorCal, served as President in 1986 and 1987, and founded IWF Hawaii. 

Toni Rembe, member 1978 - 2020

March 28, 
Toni Rembe was the first woman attorney, first woman partner, and first woman on the Executive Committee at Pillsbury. She is most proud of helping change the firm’s culture by getting more women into the firm and helping them succeed. Toni has been a mentor and role model to many and a valuable part of Pillsbury’s history, legacy and success. Toni encourages women to SPEAK UP and make sure their voices and ideas are heard.

Linda Cyrog, member 1979 - 2019

March 27, 
Linda Cyrog was a pioneer in her profession, serving as the first woman Vice President in two major influential and respected companies: McKesson and American President Lines. Not only did Linda understand the importance of being the first woman to achieve executive rank, she also played a major role to help other women rise to similar positions. Linda continues to shape leaders across the country through her business Coaching for Career Success.

Susan Porth, member since 1988

March 26, Susan Porth spent 20 years at Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plans and was CFO for 10 of them. She is proud of contributing to both the company’s financial stability and employee job satisfaction. Susan attributes her success to ambition, tenacity, brains, creativity, working for and with some great people--and luck. She advises today’s women leaders to take risks and network in order to climb the ladder to success.

Barbara Creed, member since 1978

March 25, Barbara Creed, an expert attorney on employee benefit and executive compensation law was often named on the lists of the Best Lawyers in America and California Super Lawyers prior to retirement. Barbara opened doors for women in the legal profession and helped launch the careers of many successful female lawyersShe is a role model and a sought-after speaker and continues to make an impact through her programs discussing significant cases before the US Supreme Court.

Amy McCombs, member since 1988

March 24, 
Amy McCombs has had a remarkable and influential career in journalism. In the 80s, Amy headed news organizations that were at the forefront of moving into the digital age. She influenced the industry by adopting new technologies for content, delivery systems and multiple media platforms while exploring business models that would guarantee sustainability. Amy received the prestigious Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism in the early 90s and continues to be a thought leader and mentor. 

Diane Winokur, member since 1978

March 23, Diane Winokur had a varied career path where she was often a pioneer as the first or one of the few women in her field. She has worked tirelessly to support women’s opportunities to advance, including establishing the IWF NorCal Legacy Foundation and serving as its first president. In the past several years, Diane has become a fierce advocate in the field of ALS and 
helped found the ALS Treatment and Research Center at UC San Francisco. 

Joanne Howard, member since 1978

March 22, Joanne Howard has enjoyed a long and prestigious career in portfolio and investment management, recently joining Bailard. She was an early leader in finance, being the only female in her MBA class and the only female investment manager with Scudder, Stevens & Clark in the late 70s. Also an early leader for IWF, Joanne helped to form both the NorCal and Oregon chapters, and today, leads IWF NorCal’s theater program. 

Drucilla Ramey, member 1990 - 2018

March 21, Drucilla Ramey is a civil rights attorney with a passion for gender equity issues and has been a fierce advocate for women and minority rights throughout her life. She was the Executive Director and General Counsel of the Bar Association of San Francisco for 17 years and is most proud of transforming it into a nationally recognized public service organization focused on improving the lives of disenfranchised people.

Susan Passovoy, member 1978 - 2015

March 20, 
Susan Passovoy was one of the first female attorneys in commercial real estate planning and land development. She attended Berkeley Law School at a time when less than 10% of the graduates were women. Throughout her career, Susan learned not to be afraid of change and embrace transition as a way to learn and make new contributions. She defines success as being true to one’s mission, vision and values. Susan remains involved with IWF through the Idaho chapter.

Rachel Mueller, member since 1978 

March 19, Rachel Mueller enjoyed several different careers during her professional life, and always found herself taking a leadership role. She was VP and COO of The Fields Investment Group, an event planner for the Special Olympics, founder of the Sundance Film Festival, and a successful retail business owner. Rachel is most proud of her ability to effect change and take organizations to the next level regardless of the industry. 

Fran Streets, member since 1986

March 18, Fran Streets broke ground as an African-American woman in financial services. Her career highlights include heading the private bank for the Bank of California in San Francisco, being the first African-American woman to be elected to the Board of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and being a founding director of New Resource Bank. Fran has provided significant leadership for IWF both locally, as President of IWF NorCal, and globally, as President of IWF and the IWF Leadership Foundation. 

Eva Auchincloss, member since 1978

March 17, Eva Auchincloss was the first Executive Director of the Women’s Sport Foundation working tirelessly to pave the way for significant culture and attitude changes regarding women’s participation in sports. In 1979, She formed a nationwide coalition to ensure that Title IX legislation would be implemented and cover Intercollegiate Athletics. Eva played an important role in expanding athletic opportunities for women and girls and continues to inspire women of all ages to stay active.

Mary Huss, member since 1997

March 16, 
Mary Huss, the President and Publisher of the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal is a creative visionary and entrepreneur. She applied her business startup experience to turnaround and propel the SFBT to the top ranking in the field of business newspapers. The paper’s "Most Influential Women in Business" and the "Top Women-Owned Businesses" award programs are examples of how Mary has told the stories of hundreds of top-level women and is advancing women’s leadership.

Roslyn Braeman Payne, founding member since 1978

March 15, Roslyn Braeman Payne, one of the first women in the investment banking industry, spent most of her career in real estate and finance, including 20 years on the Board of The First American Corporation. After a nationwide search in 1986, Roslyn was selected as the first CEO of the Federal Asset Disposition Association where she developed policies in the best interest of taxpayers; many of these policies were implemented during the 2008 banking crisis.

Herma Hill Kay, member 1978 - 2017

March 14, 
Herma Hill Kay was the second woman to join the Berkeley Law faculty and became the school’s first female dean in 1992. For 57 years, she positively influenced students and the legal system. Herma received numerous honors and awards and was the first woman recipient of the Association of Law Schools’ Triennial Award for Lifetime Service to Legal Education and the Law in 2015. We are so grateful for Herma’s valuable leadership and lifetime contributions. 

Carol Hehmeyer, founding member

March 13, 
Carol Hehmeyer had the best trial record in the DA’s office in the 70’s, even more impressive given the blatant efforts to discredit her work and discrimination she faced as a woman trial lawyer. Carol also worked with the Queen’s Bench to benefit women such as getting women judges appointed, and started the Rape Foundation, which helped change the legal profession’s approach to rape cases and better protect women.

Katherine August-deWilde, member since 1978

March 12, 
Katherine August-deWilde’s 30 plus years of business experience culminated in top executive roles at First Republic, including President, Chief Operating Officer, and Vice Chair and Director. Honored with the award for "Excellence in Leadership" from Stanford Graduate School of Business, Katherine believes that her persistence and passion for results helped make her life and career a successful and interesting journey. 

Belva Davis, member since 1978

March 11, Belva Davis stands out as the first African American woman TV reporter on the west coast. In a career spanning half a century, Belva reported on many of the most explosive stories of the era, from the Black Panthers in the late 60s to the 1998 US Embassy bombing in Tanzania. Belva published her memoir “Never in My Wildest Dreams, A Black Woman’s Life in Journalism” in 2011, and her extraordinary life and achievements continue to inspire us all.

Nannette Griswold, member since 1986

March 10, Nannette Griswold was part of a group of managers and employees who started their own company in one of the Bay Area’s first management leveraged buyouts in 1983. She became the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, member of the Board, Part-Owner of Western American Forest Products, and the highest ranking woman in the company. Deriving satisfaction from being a role model and mentor, Nannette credits her determination, focus, attention to detail and integrity for her success. 

Maryles Casto, member since 1986

March 9, Maryles Casto started her career in travel as a stewardess for Philippine Airlines in the 60s before becoming a travel agent and eventually partnering with a friend to start her own travel agency, Casto Travel. 45+ years later, Maryles had the vision and determination to transform her business into an international agency that provides corporate, concierge, vacation and group travel management services. 

Nina Gruen, member 1989 - 2017  

March 7, Nina Gruen was a social scientist, a nationally respected professional, an author, the mother of five sons and much more. She was the co-founder of her family-owned consulting business, Gruen Gruen + Associates, and made a lasting impact improving many cities and properties. We are grateful to Nina for her many trailblazing activities, mentoring, and 28-year involvement in IWF; she is deeply missed. 

Eleanor Zuckerman, founding member

March 6, Eleanor Zuckerman is a founding member of IWF NorCal. Ellie positively changed many lives through her psychotherapy practice, and early years teaching English. She became a Licensed Psychologist in her 40s, inspired by other forum members to make the career transition. Ellie, who is always willing to learn and try new things, is most proud of her work that supported and advanced women and raising two successful daughters. 

Linda Hawes Clever, M.D., member since 1978

March 5, Linda Hawes Clever was the Founding Chair of the Department of Occupational Health at Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center (today CPMC) in the 1970s. In 1988, she founded RENEW, a non-profit focused on helping people take care of themselves despite the demands of their life. Published in 2010, Linda’s book, “The Fatigue Prescription” reaches out to people that need to renew their focus and regain balance in their daily lives.

Cecilia Herbert, member since 1987

March 4, Cecilia Herbert holds the distinction of being the first woman to run a JP Morgan office outside New York, the first professional woman featured on Fortune’s cover in 1978, and one of the first women to go through the Harvard MBA program. Cecilia is a leader who made sure she jumped on to all opportunities and paved the way for other women in the financial field. 

Karen Zehring, member since 1978 

March 3, Karen Zehring is a disruptive innovator who used her vision and persistence to help change the content delivery for business publications. Karen began her publishing career at Institutional Investor and then went to Business Week as Group Director of Planning and Development, becoming the only woman in the senior ranks before eventually starting four publishing and information companies, including flagship publication, Corporate Finance Magazine, between 1978 and 1995. 

Linda Moriarty, member since 1986 

March 2, Linda Moriarty broke barriers by being the first female architect hired by Gensler in 1972. As Principal, Linda hired and mentored staff and founded the Gensler Seattle office. She defines success as more than achievements but the value she has added to the people and causes she has interacted with and pursued. Linda’s mantra is “five I’s + 1”: Integrity, Initiative, Intellectual Curiosity, Innovation, Influence, and a dose of HUMOR. 

Carol Mayer Marshall, member since 1989 

March 1, Carol Mayer Marshall accomplished many firsts for women in her extensive public service career, including the first woman to: serve as a Congressional Relations Director for Office of Economic Opportunity in 1971; head Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA); and direct the SF Mint. Carol founded Wire for Woman in 2017 to encourage other women to pursue public office and address the gender inequalities inherent in politics. 

Economic Forum

February 25, members welcomed special guest Liz Ann Sonders, special guest Liz Ann Sonders, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Strategist of Charles Schwab for an economic forecast discussion. Through an interview with IWF NorCal member Heather Pelant, Partner at Baker Street Advisors, Liz Ann shared her perspectives about current economic events and the impact of the pandemic. Members may view the recording here.

Happy Lunar New Year 

February 12, Recalling our 2020 Lunar New Year dinner as we wish everyone Happy Year of the Ox! We look forward to when we may celebrate in person again.

Reflection and Discussion: Champions of Racial Equality  (CoRE)

February 11, Members came together to reflect on and discuss events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 with the CoRE Task Force. The next discussion on March 9 will focus on "Language and Microaggressions" -- register here to join the conversation.

Celebrating Back History Month

To honor Black History Month, IWF NorCal will be celebrating our black women leaders. Each Friday, we will feature an extraordinary woman leader who has had a significant impact on the world and our IWF community. Please join us in honoring these extraordinary women and by visiting our IWF NorCal website homepage and social media channels! 

February 26 - IWF NorCal Black Members

IWF NorCal recognizes and honors our own black women leaders who are leading the way: Kimberly K. Brandon, Linda Calhoun, Paula Collins, Belva Davis, Darolyn Davis, Nuria Fernandez, Sandra O. Floyd, Kaye Foster, Yvette Hollingsworth Clark, Pamela Joyner, Musimbi Kanyoro, Latanya Mapp Frett, Shawnte Mitchell, Rhonda Morris, Tomiquia Moss, Eva Paterson, Debra Plousha-Moore, Valencia Ray, Maxine Reynolds, Deborah A. Sims, and Fran Streets. We are so proud to have you part of our community!

February 19 - Fran Streets, Member since 1986, past president (1990 - 1991) 

As part of Black History Month, we honor IWF NorCal member Fran A. Streets, who has dedicated her life to education, women’s leadership, the arts and the city of San Francisco, with a particular commitment to improving the lives of women and girls globally. Fran had a 40-year career in banking, beginning with the Bank of California where she achieved many firsts, and culminating as Vice President, City Director of the Private Banking Division at Wells Fargo. Fran’s pioneering career in banking was matched by her leadership in numerous civic and non-profit causes. Fran was the first African American elected as President of IWF, and she was also President of its Leadership Foundation. 
Members may also view IWF NorCal member Jenny Erwin's Early Leader Series interview with Fran here.

February 17 - London Need, Mayor of San Francisco

As part of Black History Month, we celebrate Mayor London Breed, the 45th Mayor of San Francisco and the first African American woman Mayor in the City's history. She is a native San Franciscan, raised by her grandmother in Plaza East Public Housing in the Western Addition neighborhood. London has dedicated her entire adult life to serving our communities and improving the City's housing, environment, public safety, transportation, and quality of life.  

February 11 – Belva Davis, Member since 1978

As part of Black History Month, we honor IWF NorCal member Belva Davis. As the first black female TV journalist in the West, Belva helped change the face and focus of TV news. In a career spanning half a century, Belva reported many of the most explosive stories of the era, soldiered in the trenches in the battle for racial equality, and brought stories of black Americans out of the shadows and into the light of day. Belva was born to a 15-year-old Louisiana laundress during the Great Depression and raised in the crowded projects of Oakland. She has won eight Emmys and a number of Lifetime Achievement awards. Learn more about Belva in her memoir, “Never in My Wildest Dreams: A Black Woman’s Life in Journalism,” published in 2011 and IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation’s Oral Histories, “Women Who Have Made a Difference.” Members may also view IWF NorCal member Jenny Erwin's Early Leader Series interview with Belva here.

"Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so." – Belva Davis

February 5 – Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States

For our celebration launch this week, a shout out to Vice President Kamala Harris, who is inspiring so many as she breaks barriers and leads the nation. She was born in Oakland, California to parents who emigrated from India and Jamaica, and has a distinguished career in public service, having been elected District Attorney of San Francisco, California Attorney General, and United States Senator before becoming Vice President. 

Webinar: US Supreme Court Cases (Session 2)

February 4, IWF NorCal member and attorney Barbara B. Creed held her second discussion of upcoming US Supreme Court cases. Members learned of, discussed and voted on the outcomes of three cases on the court's docket. Barbara will follow up again in a few months to let us know the court's rulings. Members may view the recording here.

Webinar: Saving Children from Sex Trafficking  

February 3, IWF NorCal member Cailean Sherman introduced founder of Special Operations Katie Beers and San Mateo County District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe who shared information of the important work they are doing to rescue children who are being trafficked in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through stories of actual cases Special Operations has been involved in, we learned how this organization is making a difference in the lives of children and families in our communities. Members may view the recording here.

Signature Event: 2021 Annual Meeting

January 26, IWF NorCal members gathered virtually for the 2021 Annual Meeting, where we met seven new members, enjoyed two breakout sessions and heard from IWF leadership, including IWF Global's President Helen Rule, Vice President Carolyn Carter, IWF NorCal President Barbara Adachi and IWF Northern California Legacy Foundation President Jodi Morris. We celebrated our 2020 accomplishments and are excited about continuing to engage and connect with each other in 2021! Members may view the recording and presentation slides here.

2020 Annual Report

January 26, The combined IWF NorCal and Legacy Foundation 2020 Annual Report is now available here.

Webinar: US Supreme Court Cases (Session 1)  

January 18, 2021, IWF NorCal member and attorney Barbara B. Creed launched our 2021 programs with a virtual discussion of three US Supreme Court cases on the upcoming docket. Barbara's annual discussion is one of our most popular events and this session was once again, interesting and interactive! Barbara will be repeating this discussion on February 4, for anyone who missed it. Members may also watch the recording here


Signature Event: 2020 Annual Holiday Party 

December 17, Over 100 members came together to celebrate the holidays through fun virtual experiences made possible by IWF NorCal member and First Republic President and Board Member Hafize Gaye Erkan. After a group toast, members participated in Broadway Roulette, Sip & Paint and a Speakeasy/Mixology class. This was our final event for 2020 and we wish everyone happy holidays! 

Peninsula Book Club

December 15, The Peninsula Book Club's annual holiday book exchange was conducted virtually this year! Members will receive their gift books via Book Passage. Happy holidays!

Annual Book Review with Book Passage

December 7, IWF NorCal member and Book Passage owner Elaine Petrocelli and Luisa Smith, Book Passage's Buying Director hosted the annual holiday book review virtually for members. Elaine and Luisa shared their insights on books worth reading and gifting as we head into the holidays. From the best novels to engrossing non-fiction, entertaining children's books and beautiful keepsake gift books, there is something for everyone! Members may download the book list and watch the recording here.

Fireside Chat: Navigating Through Uncertainty 
December 3, IWF NorCal members Wendy Beecham, Roberta ("Bobbie") La Porte, and Kate Renwick-Espinosa shared personal stories and relevant experiences on how they have helped leaders, their own teams, and organizations manage through change and uncertainty...a very timely topic. With the helpful context, tools, and confidence-building know-how they provided, we can crush uncertainty and get ready for anything! Members may watch the recording here.

Webinar: New Year Forecasts: Fashion & Retail   

December 2, IWF NorCal members Jeanne Allen and Maureen Conners and special guest Rachel Fischbein led an engaging and informative discussion on recent developments in the fashion and retail sectors and what we can expect for the future of the fashion industry. We also heard the inspiring story of Fashion Incubator San Francisco Designer-in-Residence Chrissie Lam, who founded Love Is Project and is a social-impact entrepreneur. Members may watch the recording here.

Mini Thanksgiving Toast

November 26, on Thanksgiving Day, members came together virtually for a 10-minute "mini-gathering" to commemorate this special holiday with a beautiful reading by IWF NorCal member Ellen Snee, followed by a Thanksgiving toast.

IWF West Coast Celebration: Ideas Remaking the World Honorees

November 24, Members of the IWF West Coast forums -- British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and Southern California -- gathered to toast and celebrate the three 2020 IWF Ideas Remaking the World honorees who are all from one of the west coast forums: Shimi Kang, M.D.  Psychiatrist, Best-selling Author and Founder of Dolphin KIDS: Future Ready Leaders, Member of IWF British Columbia; Heidi Kuhn – Founder and CEO, Roots of Peace and Best-selling Author, Member of IWF Northern California; and Geraldine Richmond, Ph.D. – Presidential Chair in Science and Professor of Chemistry, University of Oregon and Founder of COACh, Member of IWF Oregon. And a special thank you to IWF NorCal member and award winning journalist Cheryl Jennings for moderating a spectacular and inspiring evening. Members may watch the recording here.

A Virtual Conversation with Community Leader Felicia Gaston

November 12, IWF NorCal members had a wonderful and inspiring evening with Felecia Gaston, the non-profit executive director of the Performing Stars program for children and Phoenix Project for young adults in Marin County. Through an interview with member and award winning journalist Cheryl Jennings, we learned about Felecia's passion and commitment to the community, to our youth and to so many in need. Felecia is a true treasure to all who know her and we were so fortunate to have her touch all of our hearts. Members may view the recordings and presentation slides here. 

Webinar: Powering Up the Virus of Positivity

November 5, IWF NorCal members Christi Haley-Stover and Suzie Woordward Morris led an uplifting and inspirational webinar on POSITIVITY by sharing personal stories, experiences and science. They discussed the ways in which NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), a pseudoscientific approach to thoughts, language and patterns of behavior can guide successful individuals to reach their personal and professional goals all the while utilizing these POSITIVITY skills to ELEVATE others with the telling of their stories. Members may view the recordings and presentation slides here. 

Screening of "Rising Power"

November 2, IWF members watched Global Fund for Women's film "Rising Power" which is part of the Fundamental Film Series that features grassroots movements and community leaders who are standing up for our fundamental human rights. The screening was followed by a Q&A with 
IWF NorCal member and Global Fund for Women President and CEO, Latanya Mapp Frett. We also had a special treat where Anne Firth Murray, founder of Global Fund for Women, also joined us. Members may view the recording here. 

2020 Town Hall Meetings 

October 26, 27 & 28, IWF NorCal President Barbara Adachi, Treasurer Mary Jo Potter and Board Member Loretta Doon led three town hall meetings to discuss the results of the recent member pulse survey and 2021 dues. Members may view the recordings and presentation slides here. 


Webinar: The Electoral College Explained

October 12, attorney and author Bill Petrocelli (husband of IWF NorCal member Elaine Petrocelli) discussed the Electoral College and the content of his newest book, Electoral Bait & Switch. It was an informative and timely discussion of the complex system supporting the election of the U.S. president. Members may view the recording here.

Virtual Workshop: Build Your Influence As a Thought Leader (#2)

October 6, IWF NorCal member, thought leadership consultant and author Denise Brosseau led a second engaging and customized workshop for members, explaining what it means to be  a thought leader -- someone recognized for their ideas and contributions to the world -- and providing tools and strategies to make a difference, and what it takes to scale ideas to reach the widest possible audience, both online and off. Members may view the recording and download the presentation slides here.

Webinar: The Supreme Court after RBG

September 24, IWF NorCal member and attorney Barbara B. Creed conducted a special webinar to pay tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her legacy and important Court decisions, and discuss potential scenarios for the Supreme Court as her position is filled. Members may view the recording here. 

Webinar: Apply a Growth Mindset to Your Confidence, Risk-Taking and Impact

September 23, Members attended an engaging webinar with Diane Flynn, Cofounder and CEO of ReBoot Accel, who discussed how shifting your mindset to one of growth can reap huge rewards, both in work and in life. A growth mindset is the belief that you can constantly learn, grow, and improve, and Diane shared valuable tools that we may all apply. Thank you to IWF NorCal member Nicole Soluri for introducing us to Diane! Members may view the recording and download the handouts here.

Webinar: The 4 Keys to Prevent and Revers Chronic Medical Conditions and Aging

September 16, IWF NorCal member Valencia Ray, MD, founder and CEO of Mind-Body Integrative Medicine shared the little-known 4-Key Stressors that cause inflammation, chronic disease, aging and weight gain. With case studies and helpful tips for daily lifestyle practice, Valencia shared how to reduce stress and improve our overall health and performance. Members may view the recording and download the presentation slides here.

Virtual Workshop: Build Your Influence As a Thought Leader

September 8, IWF NorCal member, thought leadership consultant and author Denise Brosseau led an engaging and customized workshop for members, explaining what it means to be  a thought leader and providing tools and strategies to make a difference, and what it takes to scale ideas to reach the widest possible audience, both online and off. Members may view the recording and download the presentation slides here

Virtual Travel Night with Karen Brown

August 25, IWF NorCal member and travel writer Karen Brown took members on a virtual vacation to France with her charming stories, travel tips and beautiful photos. Several members also shared their favorite/funniest travel stories and photos for a fun and inspiring evening. Traveling virtually together was the next best thing to being able to actually go away on a trip and we look forward to our next virtual vacation together. Members may view the recording and download the presentation slides here

Virtual East Bay Supper Club: Emerging Trends in Online Higher Ed 

August 13, IWF NorCal member Amy McLellan, Dean of the Graduate Programs at Golden Gate University, presented to the East Bay Supper Club on "Emerging Trends in Online Higher Ed," explaining the various teaching modes and technology used in online education today and how COVID-19 is transforming the education sector. Amy shared timely content and insightful perspectives with members. Members may view the recording and download the presentation slides here.

Webinar: Reflections on the SCOTUS 2019-2020 Term

August 10, IWF NorCal member and attorney Barbara B. Creed provided a wrap up on the US Supreme Court's term just ended, a discussion of the decisions in some of the important cases, and a preview of the coming October 2020 term. Her observations and insights were illuminating and informative. Members may view the recording and a summary of the outcomes of the three SCOTUS cases previously discussed by Barbara in the fall/winter here.

Virtual Discussion with ABC Reporter Kaylee Hartung, COVID-19 Survivor & Plasma Donor

August 4, ABC Network News Reporter Kaylee Hartung shared her personal story of contracting COVID-19 while reporting on the coronavirus pandemic, donating her plasma after recovering, and saving a life. Kaylee was joined by talented television producers Ashely Riegle, Jenna Robinson and Derick Yanehiro. The virtual discussion was moderated and organized by IWF NorCal member and Emmy award winning broadcaster Jan Yanehiro. Kaylee's story is truly inspiring and heart warming! Members may view the recording here.  

Webinar: The Future of Travel

July 29, United and IWF NorCal member, Melinda Yee FranklinJoe D’Alessandro, President & CEO of San Francisco Travel, and James Lim, former GM at Omni Hotel San Francisco and now SVP at Sunland RV Resorts, provided a deep dive into what has been shifting in the travel industry in this COVID-19 environment. They provided insights into the issues of privacy and cleanliness and how the industry is responding to help travelers continue to see the world while staying safe. Members may view the recording here.

Webinar: AI & You - What Every Woman Needs to Know 

July 23, IWF NorCal member Linda Calhoun, founder and executive producer of CareerGirls.org, and her distinguished guests from the world of artificial intelligence shared their perspectives on AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, and the Internet of Things. Thank you Chloe Autio (Intel), Olabisi Boyle (Visa), Amy Chou (Aon), and Beverly Thompson (Leidos Innovation Center) for helping us to understand why diversity is so critical to the success of AI and addressing the built-in bias that disproportionately impacts women. Members may view the recording here. 

Webinar: Smart Aging with Dr. Caren Campbell

July 14, IWF NorCal member Christi Haley Stover, CEO of Platinum Resource Group and her special guest, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Caren Campbell, MD, FAAD, led a discussion on "Smart Aging". Caren provided helpful information on the science of aging and how to approach skincare with regular "tweakments" to keep us all feeling our very best! The Q&A session was extremely helpful with many tips and suggestions. Members may view the recording here.

Webinar: How to Best Engage on LinkedIn 

June 30, IWF NorCal member Jodi Morris, Founder and CEO of Connecting Growth Globally, and one of the first 250,000 users on LinkedIn shared her perspectives and valuable tips on how to engage on LinkedIn, covering how to CONNECT, SHARE and AMPLIFY on LinkedIn. So many tools to help us all better utilize this useful social media platform for business as well as some fun. Members may view the recording and slides here.

Virtual Event: Meet Our Legacy 2020 Grantees

June 23, Members met representatives from our two 2020 Legacy Foundation partner grantees: GirlVentures and Year Up. It was wonderful to hear from their leaders about the important work they are doing in our communities and how they have been managing during this difficult time. We learned how Legacy's grants have helped and heard directly from their inspiring program participants Emma Price (GirlVentures) and Mantasha Lakdawala (Year Up). The special event was moderated by IWF NorCal member Jan Yanehiro. Members may view the recording and accompanying slides here.

New Connections Virtual Toast

June 19, Our annual signature event: New Connections could not be held in person over a traditional lunch, but that did not deter us from getting together and having a lovely virtual celebration of our new members and friendships. Over 60 members participated in our virtual event where we welcomed eight new members, held smaller group discussions (like being at a dining table), and toasted everyone with our own beverages and yummy treats from San Francisco-based Pretty Please Bakeshop

Webinar: Speaking Truth to Power in Our Time

June 11, We had an engaging conversation with IWF NorCal member Prof. Charlan Nemeth, author of the provocative book “In Defense of Troublemakers” The Power of Dissent in Life and Business, and IWF NorCal member Ellen Lapham. Charlan related stories from the news, business and IWF members, and gave us some tools to utilize dissent. Let's all take a risk to being a “troublemaker”! Members may view the recording here.

Summer Camp Virtual Happy Hour

June 5, IWF NorCal's Summer Camp is an annual highlight for members. While we were not able to go away for the weekend this year, we enjoyed a virtual happy hour with drinks, goodie bags and a fun ice breaker sharing stories and photos of what we have been doing while sheltering-in-place as well as fun memes and videos! Thank you to camp counselors Sheri Barden and Nanette Lee Miller for a great evening!

Virtual Book Passage Book Review: Special Summer Edition

June 4, IWF NorCal member and Book Passage owner Elaine Petrocelli and Book Passage's Buying Director Luisa Smith held a special summer edition virtual book review. Members were treated to a fun discussion about an array of must read non-fiction and fiction books this summer. Elaine and Luisa also provided a special list of outstanding black authors and racial justice books. Members may view the book lists and recording here.

Webinar: Board and Director Effectiveness -- Practical Realities

June 2, IWF NorCal members Cherie Sorokin and Kris Veaco, experienced experts in corporate governance, conducted a valuable webinar on “Board and Director Effectiveness – Practical Realities.” They discussed board practices and how to implement them in various situations, including the current COVID-19 situation. They also covered what it means to be an effective Director. A helpful reminder for members already serving on boards and an excellent primer for members seeking to serve on boards! They referenced a recent article by IWF NorCal member Priya Huskins "Key Questions Directors Should Ask a Troubled Company" and members may view the recording here.

Webinar Featuring Dr. Rebecca Shaw of the World Wildlife Fund 

May 27, Dr. Rebecca Shaw, Chief Scientist of the World Wildlife Fund held an exclusive webinar for IWF NorCal members titled "Beyond Boundaries: Emerging Zoonotic Diseases, Nature, and Human Well-Being." Rebecca has been researching and leading interdisciplinary approaches to conservation and climate change for more than 30 years. She led a thought-provoking and informative discussion. Our appreciation to IWF NorCal member Cindy Eisenberg for coordinating this interesting event. Members may view the webinar recording here.

Virtual East Bay Supper Club Featuring Marsha Vande Berg

May 19, IWF NorCal member Marsha Vande Berg, corporate director and international advisor, led an engaging discussion on "US Elections, China & Relations Abroad: A Perspective on American in the World of COVID-19," for the East Bay Supper Club. Marsha was also recently featured in The Business Times' The Raffles Conversation Golden Globalist on May 9 and published an article Socially Responsible Investing Comes of Age in the Milken Investment Review on May 4. Members may view the webinar recording here.

Webinar: What's Happening in Sacramento? With State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

May 18, IWF NorCal members had a special opportunity to meet and hear from California State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson via an exclusive webinar, brought to us by IWF NorCal member Nicole Soluri. Senator Jackson offered her unique view on pubic service in the state legislature amidst a pandemic, and discussed her incredible advocacy efforts on behalf of women in terms of equal pay, female representation on corporate boards, gender equity in pricing, and several other topics of interest. Members may view the recording here.

Webinar: Taking Care of Yourself During These Uncertain Times

May 14, IWF NorCal member and Founder and CEO of Ageless and Timeless Michele Hughes and Dr. Chris Shade, leading scientist and Founder of Quicksilver Scientific shared their helpful tips on how to take care of ourselves during these uncertain times. Covering topics from stress, immunity, detox, hormones, exercise, weight management, and more, members and guests from other west coast forums received a wealth of valuable information. Members may view the recording here.

Virtual Wine Chat with Jaclyn Zimmerman

May 12, IWF NorCal member Jan Yanehiro, introduced her daughter Jaclyn Zimmerman, Director of Hospitatliy, Hoopes Vineyard in Napa Valley, who hosted a virtual wine chat for our members, sharing the story of the Blind Tasting Event in 1976 featuring California red wines and French Bordeaux red wines...that shocked the world…when a California wine won! That event put California wines on the map. Members may view the recording here.

Virtual East Bay Supper Club: A Cosmic Perspective in a Time of Coronavirus

May 6, IWF NorCal member Jill Tarter, who is Chair Emerita for SETI Research at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, CA, that she co-founded in 1984, led a fascinating virtual discussion for the East Bay Supper Club “A Cosmic Perspective in a Time of Coronavirus,” reminding us that we are Earthlings. Members may view the recording here.

Special Edition: US Supreme Court Cases to Watch

May 4, IWF NorCal member Barbara Creed conducted a special edition webinar of her popular "U.S. Supreme Court Cases to Watch" discussion, providing an update on two cases she covered in the fall/winter 2019, and sharing information, her views and Fantasy SCOTUS predictions on 14 important upcoming cases on the docket. She also touched on how SCOTUS is now hearing telephonic oral arguments with live audio feeds. A Q&A was held with members after Barbara's presentation. Members may view the recording here.

Virtual Community: New Member Welcome

April 30, This week's "IWF NorCal Virtual Community" was a special new member welcome. Thirteen of our 2019 and 2020 new members joined the call to introduce themselves, and current members, including several new member sponsors, provided a warm welcome. 

Virtual Book Launch: Breaking Ground

April 20, Heidi Kuhn, IWF NorCal member and Roots of Peace founder held a virtual book launch for her new book Breaking Ground, which is launching on April 28. Heidi was joined by IWF NorCal member Cheryl Jennings and IWF Colorado and IWF SoCal member Barbara Faulkenberry, and shared her inspiring success stories of how she has eradicated landmines in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Vietnam. View the webinar recording here.

Webinar: LIFT Your Social Media Skills

April 15, Cheryl Jennings, IWF NorCal member and founder of her own media company to use social media for good: Cheryl Cam Media, hosted a special webinar to help us all LIFT our social media skills. Cheryl introduced L-LinkedInI-InstagramF-FacebookT-Twitter, the "LIFT" social media platforms and discussed how to use them and incorporate social media into our daily lives. Follow us on LinkedInInstagramFacebook, and Twitter! Members may view the webinar recording and slides here 

Webinar: Rachel Mueller's Survival Tips

April 6, IWF NorCal member Rachel Mueller shared her list of “must have” items, as well as tips to survive our current shelter-in-place. Based on her personal experiences with 5 evacuations – 3 times for fire, 1 road closure and 1 bridge collapse, including being air lifted to safety by a Chinook helicopter, Rachel had tons of advice and tips on how to stock up, prepare, and stay calm. Members may view the webinar recording and download her "survival" lists here.

Webinar: Impact of Coronavirus on Community and Most Vulnerable Populations

March 30, IWF NorCal Members Kaye Foster, Jilma Meneses, and Leah Toeniskoetter (moderator), with special guest Jennifer Loving, discussed the impact of COVID-19 on our communities. Representing the Glide Memorial FoundationCatholic Charities, and Destination Home, Kaye, Jilma, and Jennifer provided an overview of their respective organizations and how their priorities have changed to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. They discussed actions that have been taken, current and immediate needs, as well as how members and their networks can help at this critical time. Members may view the webinar recording here.

IWF NorCal Events Have Gone Virtual

March 24, During this time of shelter-in-place, IWF NorCal members are staying connected through virtual meetings. Our book clubs and supper clubs are still getting together and we have established a weekly Virtual Community gathering for members to check in and share stories with each other. We are also offering member-led webinars on timely topics. Members may sign up for virtual events here

They Promised Her the Moon

March 8, Members enjoyed the Northern California premiere of 
They Promised Her the Moon, and a wonderful pre-performance brunch with playwright Laurel Ollstein and director Giovanna Sardelli.

IWF Connections: Breakfast with Roasabeth Moss Kanter

March 4, A small gathering of IWF NorCal members took place at the Westin SFO to have an intimate conversation with Rosabeth Moss Kanter. It was fantastic to hear about her new book “Think Outside the Building” and her optimism for the future. She also wanted to hear about each of us and IWF NorCal. As a member of IWF Massachusetts, Rosabeth is passionate about our organization and is excited that IWF has achieved critical mass and is well-positioned for the future.For those of you who couldn't attend as we were limited to a small group, Rosabeth also spoke at The Commonwealth Club this week and if you have an opportunity, here is the link to her podcast which is definitely worth listening to!

Lunar New Year Dinner

February 11, Members enjoyed a traditional Lunar New Year’s feast at the Harborview Restaurant in San Francisco. Special thanks to member Eleanor Chang who organized the festivities and guided everyone through the delicious dishes and traditions!

Behind the Scenes: Dandelion Chocolate

February 7, Members went "behind the scenes at Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco. IWF NorCal member Nanette Lee Miller organized a cool factory tour and delicious tasting with champagne. What a treat!

President's Tea

February 6, The President's Tea is a special tradition where past IWF NorCal presidents gather to welcome the new IWF NorCal president. The recent celebration was for 2020-2021 president Barbara Adachi. Learn more about IWF NorCal's leadership.

US Supreme Court Cases Discussion in San Francisco

February 6, Members gathered at the home of IWF NorCal member Marion Peters in San Francisco for a discussion of upcoming US Supreme Court Cases led by IWF NorCal member Barbara Creed. A special thank you to Barbara who facilitated these discussions at five separate locations (East Bay, Marin, Peninsula, San Francisco, and South Bay)! 

East Bay Supper Club: US Supreme Court Cases

January 27, The East Bay Supper Club gathered for IWF NorCal member Barbara Creed's popular US Supreme Court Case Preview, where Barbara walked through three cases on the court's current docket.

Signature Event: 2020 Annual Meeting

January 14, Over 100 members gathered at The City Club to connect and kick off 2020! 16 new members were introduced and Kathy Anderson passed the Presidency to Barbara Adachi. 2019 accomplishments were celebrated and Barbara shared her vision for 2020. Read more.

Women in Theater

January 8, An incredible evening hearing from four women leaders of Bay Area theaters! IWF NorCal Members Susie Medak of Berkeley Repertory Theatre and Jennifer Bielstein of A.C.T. spoke with their artistic partners about gender disparities in the theater, about the challenges of running non-profit theaters, and what the future holds for art and culture in a technology obsessed world.



Behind the Scenes: Glassybaby

December 10, Members enjoyed a “Behind the Scenes” event at the Glassybaby hot shop in Berkeley. IWF Washington member and Glassybaby CFO Sherilyn Anderson joined by video conference to provide Glassybaby’s story and then members tried their hand at glass blowing. A delightful evening!

Holiday Book Review

December 9, IWF NorCal member Elaine Petrocelli hosted members at her independent book shop Book Passage on December 9 at the annual Holiday Book Review. Elaine's 2019 book recommendations have filled our reading lists and provided great holiday gift ideas!

Signature Event: Holiday Party

December 3, Festivities for the 2019 Holiday Party were held at the Aviation Museum and Library at SFO, where 90 members and their guests gathered. Photos are now available here.

East Bay Supper Club

November 12, The East Bay Supper Club gathered at the home of IWF NorCal member Linda Cyrog to discuss "How Asians View American Leadership." The discussion was led by IWF NorCal member Marsha Vande Berg.

US Supreme Court Upcoming Docket

November 21, IWF NorCal member Barbara Creed facilitated an engaging discussion on three upcoming US Supreme Court cases in Los Altos. She will be hosting similar discussions in San Jose and the East Bay in January.

Corporate Responsibility  

October 24, IWF NorCal members Beth Devin, Citi Ventures and Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, Social Venture Circle, hosted a lively and engaging discussion on the trends and actions reported in the press daily on the topic of Corporate and Business Responsibility. 

Retirement Living Arrangements

October 22, IWF NorCal member Barbara Creed facilitated an important and informative webinar and panel discussion on retirement living arrangements. Special guest panelists were Erika Thomas and Kayleen Miller with Avenidas Village in Palo Alto, and Pamela Marron with Sequoias Portola Valley.

Cryptocurrencies Topic at October East Bay Supper Club

On October 15, the East Bay Supper Club met at the home of IWF NorCal member Amy Schioldager, and discussed Cryptocurrencies, featuring special guest Daisy Linden, Director of Internal Communications at Coinbase.

East Bay Connections

On October 12, six members in the East Bay got together for a beautiful morning walk around the Lafayette Reservoir!

New Member Pop Up!

On October 1, several new members attended a Pop Up hosted by IWF NorCal board members, at the offices of Heidrick & Struggles. The board periodically hosts these informal social events to welcome new members, where all IWF NorCal members are invited.

East Bay Supper Club

On September 10, the East Bay Supper Club discussed "The 21st Century: The Century of Biology on Earth and Beyond," facilitated by IWF NorCal member Jill Tarter.

Utah Shakespeare Festival

Members attended the 2019 Utah Shakespeare Festival from August 21 - 25 for incredible theatre performances and more! Pictured here with actor Michael Doherty.

Pop Up on the Bay!

On August 25, Marin-based members boarded the Tiburon Angel Island Ferry for a glorious sunset cruise on the Bay. Sharing wine, appetizers, and views on a beautiful summer evening to welcome six new members and celebrate friendships!

East Bay Connections! 

On July 27, IWF NorCal members and guests gathered for a beautiful morning walk around the Lafayette Reservoir and a delicious breakfast afterwards.

East Bay Supper Club: "Winners Take All" Book Discussion

On July 22, IWF NorCal member Susie Medak hosted the East Bay Supper Club at her home for a potluck dinner and a discussion of "Winners Take All," facilitated by IWF NorCal Member Valerie Red-Horse Mohl.


July 20, FARM+FISH+FLOWERS offered a rare opportunity to tour Half Moon Bay’s bounty. Our tour guides led us to the Coastside Farmers Markets, The James Johnston House, and Bay City Flower Company. Picnic lunch at the beach was the perfect respite. And the sun shone all day. 

East Bay Supper Club: 5G and Other Emerging Technology

On June 17, IWF NorCal member Cindy Eisenberg hosted the East Bay Supper Club at her home for a potluck dinner and topical discussion facilitated by IWF NorCal Member Beth Devin on 5G and other emerging technologies.


New Connections Luncheon, Happy 40th! 

85 members gathered on June 22 at the Olympic Club to welcome new members and celebrate IWF NorCal's 40th anniversary! With a trip down memory lane through member stories and photographs, it was a warm and wonderful event! Read more.

IWF Connections: Coffee & Book Event with Susan Packard
IWF Tennessee member and author Susan Packard met with IWF NorCal members before her event at Book Passage on June 12. Her book Fully Human is about developing a willingness to work on emotional fitness, building trust and embracing "We" instead of "me."

Summer Camp 2019!

June 7–9, members gathered at The Bishop's Ranch in Healdsburg for a fun and relaxing Summer Camp weekend. Save the date for next year's summer camp which will be June 5-7, 2020.

UN Women's Global Voices Film Festival

On May 16, members enjoyed 10 virtual reality experiences at GoPro, meeting female filmmakers pioneering this emerging technology to treat mental illness, bias, and racism; to highlight women's rights work globally; and to create unique games. On May 18, big screen sessions at Lucasfilm showcased 10 powerful stories of resilience and the fight for justice from Myanmar and Iraq to Liberia and Ireland. The film fest’s mission is to showcase independent films made by women from all over the world, and to raise funds for UN Women’s global life-changing programs. Brought to us by IWF NorCal member Amy Logan.

Women on Boards Series

In April and May, IWF NorCal hosted three events to educate, develop and support members interested in board preparedness. Presentation slides and webinar videos from these events are available to members here. The fourth part of this series was held in June when members updated their headshots with a professional photographer.

IWF Connections!

Nancy Pedot, former IWF NorCal member, current member of IWF France and IWF New York, hosted a wonderful evening on May 15 where she shared her engaging story with members of how her couture fashions and salon came to be.

Behind the Scenes at VSP! 

On May 2, IWF NorCal member Kate Renwick-Espinosa hosted a behind the scenes tour at the VSPOne Optical Laboratory in Sacramento. A fascinating tour, followed by a delicious lunch!

Spring Dine Arounds!

On April 23 and 30, dine arounds were held in Marin, Peninsula and San Francisco. A great time had by all celebrating friendships. Photo from the San Francisco dine around, at the home of Lydia Beebe.

Leading Edge Insights in Corporate Innovation 

On April 18, a panel discussion with IWF NorCal members Beth Devin and Yvette Hollingsworth Clark, and Mark Jamison of Visa, was moderated by IWF NorCal member Valerie Corradini. A very relevant, interesting and insightful event.

IWF Cornerstone Conference Videos
At this year’s Cornerstone Conference, IWF hosted more than 50 expert speakers and moderators to address topics including innovation in architecture, barriers for women in sports, sustainable fashion, the future of the European Union and girls’ access to education. Some of the sessions were filmed and available for members to view at their leisure. Click here.

Interforum Dinner

IWF NorCal hosted an inter-forum dinner for 35 members and guests from nine IWF forums in Barcelona on the eve of the opening night ceremony of the IWF Cornerstone Conference on April 10. A wonderful evening of reunions and new friendships! 

Peninsula Supper Club

On April 4, the Peninsula Supper Club held its inaugural Jeffersonian Dinner with the conversation focused on 

the challenges and opportunities posed by a rapidly and continually changing future of work! Co-hosted by IWF NorCal members Denise Brosseau and Chris Shipley.

Record Participation at Peninsula Book Club

On March 19, a record number of members --29-- attended the Peninsula Book Club discussion held at IWF NorCal member Barbara Adachi's home. IWF NorCal member Valerie Red-Horse Mohl facilitated a great discussion of "Winner Takes All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World" by Anand Giridharadas.


The East Bay Supper Club 

On March 11, Dr. Jennifer Schneider of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation joined the East Bay Supper Club to share about advances in research in an effort to cure, prevent and treat type 1 diabetes. 

A Celebratory Evening 

On February 27, in honor of Black History Month, IWF NorCal members attended a special event at Mills College celebrating the life of acclaimed saxophonist Dexter Gordon. IWF NorCal member Beth Hillman hosted a VIP reception and played the tenor saxophone and IWF NorCal member Belva Davis facilitated a discussion with Maxine Gordon, historian and wife of Dexter Gordon. 

Supreme Court Docket Discussion in Carmel

On February 19, IWF NorCal member Barbara Creed discussed upcoming supreme court cases in Carmel at the home of IWF NorCal member Mary Gray-Reeves. There were 

21 guests in attendance, including members of the Wellesley Alumnae group and other prominent guests from the Monterey Peninsula. 

Supreme Court Docket with Barbara Creed

On February 11, IWF NorCal member Barbara Creed discussed upcoming supreme court cases with members in Marin.  

East Bay Supper Club Potluck

IWF NorCal member Beth Hillman hosted a potluck in her home at Mills College on February 12 for the East Bay Supper Club. A warm and wonderful evening celebrating friendships! 

A Wild Evening at the Peninsula Book Club 

On January 29, twenty one Peninsula Book Club members gathered at the beautiful home of IWF NorCal member Valerie Corradini
to discuss Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford. Register for the February 25 Book Club! 

East Bay Supper Club with Special Guest Barbara Creed 

On January 28, the East Bay Supper Club welcomed special guest and IWF NorCal member Barbara Creed to discuss upcoming supreme court cases. Barbara is also offering her supreme court discussion on February 19 in Carmel. 

2019 Annual Meeting
The 2019 Annual Meeting was held on January 15 at the City Club. We kicked off our 40th anniversary celebrations and welcomed Stephanie O'Keefe, CEO, IWF Global. In addition, Denise Dunning, IWF NorCal member and Founder of Rise Up - the Legacy Foundation's 2019 partner - presented on opportunities for member engagement. See presentation slides


Book Clubs Discuss Amy Logan's Novel

The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice, written by IWF NorCal member Amy Logan was the topic of the Peninsula Book Club in September and the Marin & North Bay Book Club in October. 

Nominate new members online! 

We are excited to announce that we have further simplified the new member nomination process by introducing online forms! Both the preliminary approval form (completed by the sponsors) and application form (completed by the prospective new member) are now available online. For more details on the nomination process and links to the forms, click here.   

IWF Global Leadership Foundation's Fellows Program
Watch the video recording from the 25thAnniversary Celebration of the Leadership Foundation’s Fellows Program. The event, which was attended by more than 140 members and Fellow Alumnae, featured a roundtable discussion, A Quarter Century of Change: Reflections on Women in Leadership Since the Glass Ceiling Commission, and a reception in honor of the Founders of the Leadership Foundation hosted at the home of IWF Washington, DC member Kitty Kelley. Learn more about IWF’s history and the transformational women who created our one-of-a-kind Fellows Program.  

New Connections Luncheon
On Saturday, June 23, 74 members met at the Olympic Club for the annual IWF NorCal New Connections Luncheon. Nine new members were introduced at this signature event! Members were also joined by four guests from the Legacy Foundation's partner organizations Year Up and Girl Scouts, who shared their inspirational stories. See photos.

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